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Receive badges when you fly into and out of specific airports and complete challenges. Badges translate into Wings: Earn 2,000 Wings and automatically receive 2,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles. The more Wings you earn, the higher your ranking on the Leaderboard.


Accumulate Altitude Qualifying Dollars that count toward your 2018 Altitude status every time you fly during the Earn Your Wings promotion.



The booking and registration period has now ended.

Registered players will continue to earn Wings with eligible itineraries until December 11, 2017.



Give yourself time! Make sure to leave enough time to catch connecting flights – remember, different airports have different recommendations for minimum connection times!


To earn the Wi-Fi in the Sky Badge, complete the Gogo® Wi-Fi payment form during your flight, click the Earn Your Wings logo on the Success page, and then enter your Aeroplan number.

Monthly subscribers: log into your Gogo account during a flight, then click the Earn Your Wings logo, and enter your Aeroplan number. Remember to do this each time you fly in order to collect the badge for every eligible flight.

Use the travel calculator below to see what you could earn.

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This calculator is designed to help you estimate potential earnings, but the results may not be representative of the total number of badges, Wings and Bonus Aeroplan Miles you could earn. Remember, each time you accumulate 2,000 Wings, it translates to 2,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles.